Sunday 23 January 2011

More blah blah blah

Another week of no racing but all four training sessions have felt like races.
From Blencathra

Monday I went along to the speed sessions with the tri club where we ran 5 x 1000m loops on the local industrial estate. What pleased me most about this session was that all four reps were in 5 seconds of each other, slowest was 3.07 and the fastest 3.02 (the last one), so at least im holding my pace better. I'm enjoying these sessions a lot, but I do find them very hard, especially with them being so soon after the weekend, where I have usually done some long runs.

At the club on Wednesday night we did mile reps which I know benefit me but still hate doing them.

On Thursday I ran 6.5 mile on the roads as fast as I could. This is something new for me as I normally just go out and run this distance, but on this occasion I ran hard right from the start. This im told helps you a lot.
I am also sure that all these speed sessions will cease when the light nights return and I can resume to plodding on the fells again, although plodding was the last thing on Carl Bells mind when along with Steve Bennett we did leg 1 of the Bob Graham on Saturday morning....

After parking the cars in Threlkeld, all 3 of us ran into Keswick along the railway path to Spoony Lane. On the climb of Skiddaw we soon caught a group of fellas recceing the leg. They were from Ripon (I think) and after a brief chat with them we were off again. Carl ran on ahead and was half way up Little man until me and Steve caught him up.
Future Bob Grahams in training
What a view
Carl and Steve showing his best side

On the climb to Gt Calva, Carl ran it all whilst me and Steve marched up. Surely the long slog up the back of Blencathra will slow him down.
Nope. Instead he ran away from us zigzagging it. Too much energy he has!
I had a Eccles cake!
The top was soon reached where we had a quick drink and took some photos before we descended via Doddick. Again I maintain this is the best way of Blencathra (for me anyway) and we all reached the cricket club car park in less the 23 minutes (road in 19). The going was icy in places  too.
We did the leg in 2.52 and I have no doubt at all that Carl could of done it at least 20 minutes quicker.

Nothing done today due to having a night out last night where the coca cola king (Steve B) must of spiked my drink........ Feeling very tender today!!!


kate said...

out of interest why do you prefer doddick?

Stu Stod said...

Howdy Kate.
For me doddick is all runnable and doesn't take as much out of your legs as the other options. I use to go via halls fell and cut back in at the "nick" missing the rough stuff at the top, but it was always the last bit that trashed my legs more.
This is just my opinion and works for me all the time. The fastest we have got from the summit to Newsham lane is 18 mins. I have supported bg attempts via halls fells where it has took over 40mins, tho it was wet-
which makes no difference to doddick.
Again tho Kate this just my opinion!!

ultra collie said...

cracking shots again stu..what were you up to though?..'half way up little man'?????

Stu Stod said...

Carl was too quick for us, so he had a little jaunt up little man till we caught him up at the fence.
He is maybe thinking of doing an extended round?????

Steve said...

How irresponsible to go over leg one YET AGAIN.
I hope you are proud of the trods you are helping create!
Very anti social!